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Colourfast Modern Fit Fairtrade Fine 97% Cotton Gaberdine

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Beige, Black, Navy



The quality of the Meyer Trousers is above all based on a wealth of experience spanning some 55 years of manufacturing.

Premium quality materials, excellent fits and functional details are what make MEYER trousers so special. The collections are developed in Reichshof-Denklingen in Bergischen Land near Cologne, with years of experience and a confident eye for style and design. Exclusive use of high-quality materials and outer fabrics, processed by renowned European suppliers and weavers - principally from Germany, Italy and Portugal. The soft and pleasant feel of every pair of MEYER trousers reflects our consideration, when it comes to choosing fabrics. All jeans and cotton trousers are pre-washed in our special laundry system, so they don’t shrink when you wash them at home.

We don’t just pay attention to outstanding quality, we also accept our responsibilities as manufacturers. Adherence to international social and ecological standards in our European production facility, is regularly checked by FLO-CERT, the world’s largest independent social certifier. Our production facility meets the criteria of the Ökotex Standard 100 and bears the internationally recognized FAIRTRADE logo. We are committed to our responsibility when it comes to the environment, for example, our laundry system has an integrated water preparation plant. Quality, ethics, and a good price are not mutually

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