September 6, 2021

Original Race T-Shirts Now Available in Australia

It’s good news for vintage car aficionados, motor enthusiasts, and lovers of all things automobile old and new! Original Race T-shirts are now available to purchase in Australia. That means Australians can get their hands on their very own unique, quality cotton men's T-shirt featuring a stunning automobile design from Italian artist David Cheli.

If you’re a fan of classic Porsches, you’re going to love the car T-shirts available right now. Choose from a range of designs featuring those unmistakable models that have secured the company’s place in automobile history.

orptu0135sr blu navy 1
Original Race - Porsche RS Collection

Porsche: How It All Began

Porsche’s origins date back to 1931 when the German government asked Ferdinand Porsche to design a car for the people. The result was the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful car designs of all time. Original Race pays homage to the iconic VW with a white vintage car T-shirt featuring a Combi van standing proud and happy, complete with 1960s psychedelic paintwork.

Moving on a few years, the Porsche 356 was the first production automobile to be sold by the company after the War, and actually included components from the VW Beetle. Choose a white or navy Original Race T-shirt featuring a gorgeous, shining black Porsche 356 Coupe or quintessential Porsche 356 Speedster.

356 54 55 white
Original Race- Porshe 356

After enjoying success in motor racing with various models, Porsche launched the 911 in 1964. The 911 is probably the most well-known model, proving successful on and off the race track.

Porsche models captured by Cheli’s artwork in the collection include a classic white 1973 Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS, a stunning yellow 1993 Porsche 964 3.8 RS, and a pale blue 1970s Porsche 917 Tech sports prototype race car.

About Original Race T-Shirts

Designer David Cheli, with a talent for graphic design and a passion for cars, is the artist behind Original Race T-shirts. Using a technique described as a combination of illustration and photography, Cheli succeeds in capturing the very essence of these classic cars with light, colour, reflection, perspective and diagrammatic form.

Original Race T-shirts are made in Italy from the finest materials. But what makes them truly unique is that each T-shirt is printed using a manual process, so no two garments are exactly the same. Choose from a regular fit T-shirt made from silky soft 100% organic cotton or a slimline design made from soft jersey cotton. Depending on the design, the T-shirts are available in sizes small to 3XL.