Shoe Care


Fine smooth leather has a soft, supple and buttery texture. Its delicate nature means that it has no outer coating- thus more porous and susceptible to dirt and water stains. Water-proofing and conditioning keep this leather looking pristine for years to come.


Smooth leather is one of the most commonly used leathers due to its robust nature and smooth outer coating. Use a good water-proofer to prevent grime and moisture entering into the deeper layers of the leather. This makes stain removal and cleaning much easier. A shoe polish/colour care cream will nourish and condition the leather so that it will stay soft supple and flexible for a longer period of time.


Patent leather is finished with an oil varnish or foil coating. This finish is absolutely impermeable to water and dirt. However, conditioning care is essential to keep the surface of this material looking glossy and crease-free.


Rough leather or suede leather typically has a velvety surface. If you take a closer look you can make out the individual fibres. The luxurious appearance of this leather means that it is more vulnerable to moisture and dirt absorption. Protection against stains is done through using a suitable water-proofer which not only creates a protective barrier but also cares for the leather and maintains the original texture and colour.


Greased leather or oiled nubuck has a very characteristic surface- If you gently scratch the surface with your fingernails you cause a wax displacement which results in a clearly visible line. When protecting and caring for this leather, special care must be taken to maintain its oily nature. Using the correct water-proofer and care product will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Taking care of greased leather correctly will ensure that its unique quality will last.


Textile shoes are lighter than leather shoes and are thus a popular choice during summer. Water-proofing will help to minimise dirt/soil stains from appearing.